‘Moral Call to Rest of the World’ on Climate From Hardest Hit Countries, Obama Says

Lim Huey Teng/Reuters

Island nations and poor coastal countries facing the severest effects of climate change offer a “moral call to the rest of the world” to act now, former U.S. President Barack Obama said on Friday.

“For those of you who are… experiencing the effects of it right now, there may be some hard questions in terms of adaptation versus mitigation,” Obama said at a youth leaders conference in Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur, organized by the Obama Foundation.

Island countries that could disappear due to rising sea levels had on Thursday accused rich nations of losing sight of the urgency of the crisis, as a U.N. summit enters the final stretch of negotiations for countries to honor the 2015 Paris Agreement to combat global warming.

“Your voice, your witness to what’s happening right here and now, is a moral call to the rest of the world. And figuring out how to tell the story of what you are seeing, and the losses that are already taking place, that’s going to be important.”

The United States signed onto the 2015 Paris Agreement during Obama’s presidency, promising a 26-28% cut in emissions by 2025 from 2005 levels. But the administration of Obama’s successor Donald Trump filed paperwork last week to withdraw from the pact.

The Paris accord aims to avoid the most catastrophic scenarios foreseen by climate scientists by limiting the rise in average global temperatures caused by burning fossil fuels.

Once it exits, the United States – the top historic greenhouse gas emitter and leading oil and gas producer – will become the only country outside the accord.

Obama said that it is up to the world’s youth to lead the charge in dealing with climate change, blaming the previous generation for failing to handle the issue “the way it should have”.

“The oceans will be rising, and that is going to displace people. So we’ll to have to anticipate and care for some of the consequences, including large scale migrations and disruptions. That’s going to be very possible,” Obama said.

“Old people are not going to worry about this as much as young people because they’re going to be gone when the full effects of this will come. So you’re going to have more urgency and educate your communities.”

(Reporting by Joseph Sipalan; Editing by Peter Graff)

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Mark Schlesinger

Hey Roto Reuters…,China is the world’s top carbon producer and pollutor. The USA ranks below most of your beloved dictatorships.

John Gagliano Jr

Obama, the guy who allowed drilling in the arctic. He needs to go hide with Hillary and stfu forever

General Confusion

Hey, Confused James.

Some asshole covered up my response to yours, but I am not going to repeat it. You snooze, you lose.

However, the Scientific American article is available for you to learn about your State’s plight.

Geoff Tan

He must not be concerned about rising oceans because he just bought a beach house


Two questions for Obozo.
1. IF you’re so concerned about climate change, then why did you sink millions in buying a property on an island?
2. HOW did you get to this conference? I’ll bet good money it was NOT by bicycle. So what form of carbon-producing transport did you use?

Ever hear of this thing called video-conferencing? I bet you did, but flying to Malaysia was so much more satisfying.

Liar. Hypocrite. We already knew these things.


Geeeee….those SOOOOO f’ing concerned about climate change continue to use the internet.

Ever wonder what the CO2 footprint of your usage is?

But of course, you’re special.



As I responded to the Genital (stupid and selfish like most dicks)

The climate change’s profiteer/John the Baptist, also known as the defeated Al Gore, predicted that Miami, NYC, and other major cities would be under water by this time. He even made a movie.

How’s being wrong working out for Al, in his multiple mansions, private jet, and heated swimming pool with a CO2 footprint greater than most houses?


>Always Confused< I was unable to respond to your asinine comment because with TEN DOWN votes, IJR is considering if it should remain for review. But, yes I do live in Florida and no one here – to my knowledge – has the slightest concerns your hoax will drown us from rising water or burn us up from an "increase" in temperature. I find it interesting that when your Swedish kid sister exhibited her lack of manners and education in front of the adults at the United Nations, the UN Secretary had received a letter signed by FIVE HUNDRED real… Read more »





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